Wireless home security

The wonder of technological advancements has come much closer to the everyday life through the wireless home security systems. In these days, rate of burglary is increasing. In certain regions, the problem is so worsened that the homeowners hardly spend a peaceful night with continuous suspicion of break-in. Wireless technology has come to the domain of home security in a big way. The newer security systems are far more secured than erstwhile wired security devices people have been using for years. Protection of property with wireless security got more push starting with the needs of industrial and commercial security. But, now it has become equally popular in the home segment because of advantages as well as coming within the reach of average people. Everybody is now serious about wireless home security in comparison to the picture some years ago. Such security systems are now easily available in the market nevertheless less expensive for initial purchases as also the running and maintenance costs. The first benefit of wireless security is absence of wire that makes the system protected from cutting or disconnecting the wires to disable the alarm system. The next benefit is easy expansion of wireless coverage to the far-flung areas of a compound. Hold on, there are some more advantages waiting for you. Infrared security cameras can be easily kept hidden from the view of prowlers. Furthermore, the wireless home security systems are extremely sensitive to identify human activities and trigger the alarm; you will be spared from unnecessary botheration due to activated alarm for intruding animals. Fire hazard is another big threat to the homes in these days. This is due to plenty of floor rugs and synthetic materials found in every home besides extensive use of electrical appliances and devices. In many regions, regular home heating is a must. All of these pose a great possibility of fire break outs. Detection of heat and toxic gases like carbon monoxide are the added advantages offered by the wireless security systems to protect the life. The ip security cameras have a vital part in wireless security to make the whole as a synchronized system. These cameras are capable to record images, read location and transmit through the wireless medium. These cameras are discretely programmed to transmit the recording to a computer with designated IP address. Thus you can understand the secured process of alerting the security personnel instantly and accurately. In the present days, ip security cameras are commonly used by the commercial establishments to monitor the visitors, loading and unloading of the goods and the employees.

Vision Home Security

The equipment that makes vision home security possible works in one of two ways. One is through image enhancement and the other through thermal imaging. Image enhancement uses any available light and combines it with a lower spectrum of light that can only be seen by the naked eye; the result is that the viewer’s surroundings are illuminated. Thermal imaging on the other hand captures a higher spectrum of light in order to create illumination and emits light on objects that release heat.

In effect, both methods allow you to ‘see’ in the dark. How this aids home security is that you are able to see what is happening around you even in total darkness. It is a matter of personal choice which method you choose, but as a rule of thumb image enhancement devices are easier to find and they offer clear images, especially outdoors; however thermal imaging works best in any condition and especially in very dark conditions.

Night vision home security is available in a host of forms including cameras which are possibly the best solution for home use. The alternative is hand held monocular scopes or goggles which entails the user to be actively involved at all times, whereas cameras can be installed and left to do their protecting alone, 24 hours a day. Night vision home security cameras or devices are best suited to areas in your home or outside your home where you are at highest risk of security breach, such as dark spots, alleyways or perimeter fencing.

How does a night vision home security camera work?

In order to make any home completely secure entails the use of not only a home security burglar alarm, but also on a home surveillance camera system which enables the home owner to view or observe demarcated areas from the comfort and safety of their homes or even from remote locations. However, camera surveillance systems work best during daylight or in areas where there are bright lights that fail to deliver a good image, or any image in the absence of light and this is where infrared cameras become necessary.

Infrared cameras work on an infrared frequency providing their own source of light by means of an infrared illuminator which acts as an amplifier for the image and which results in making objects visible in the dark. These infrared illuminators are not visible to the naked eye as they send wavelengths that are above the visible length of 700nm. The only difference between night vision home security cameras and infrared security cameras lies in the wavelength they use.

Infrared illuminators make it possible for your night vision cameras to create good visible images and when used as an addition to an existing security system you will rest assured that your home is truly monitored every hour of the day and every day of year.

Planning your surveillance equipment

If you aren’t sure about what type of night vision home security camera to purchase it is possibly best to investigate which one would suit your needs and this would entail discussing it with an expert who should be able to advise you on levels of performance and capabilities.

Planning where you are intending to install your night vision cameras is important and should be carefully decided; if they are placed incorrectly your efforts to secure your home will be in vain, so it is up to you to identify which areas on your property are the weakest.

Vision home security systems are also influenced by budget as well as the size of your property, and for this reason it may be best to invest in day/night cameras that have infrared capabilities as normal day/night cameras will not show images in total darkness. For wider coverage you will need more cameras and prices vary, so it is suggested that you get the advice of a professional before going ahead.

If you are concerned about home security and protecting your family and your assets then the only option is 24 hour surveillance. You could hire guards to patrol your home but not only are they expensive they can also be intrusive to your privacy and this is where night vision home security systems are making their mark. They can detect the presence of intruders and even capture their imaged for future litigation. If you currently have camera surveillance you might want to upgrade to night vision home security cameras, you won’t be sorry.

Home Security DVR

A home security DVR system is the current trend in most newly installed home security systems. This is due in a large part to the limited amount of maintenance that is needed when compared to a security system that utilizes a VHS recording of the premises.

When home security systems were first used, there were only two options. This was to either only monitor the area under surveillance with security personnel or record it on a VHS tape. The hiring of security personnel or a security agency does cost a good deal of money and for some it is worth it. For those that used a VHS tape to record the surveillance time periods, there was the daily chore of replacing the tape. Most people that used the tape system only had between 2 to 30 tapes. If there was a time period that needs to be observed that was not in the allotted time of the tapes usage, then the time period was gone forever due to the fact that the tape was rerecorded over.

These disadvantages have mainly been done away with since the introduction of the home security DVR systems. This security system makes a digital recording of the areas under surveillance and saves it on a hard drive. The only limitation is the available hard drive space. With the amount of space on current hard dives ever expanding, this means surveillance times can be kept theoretically forever.

Convenience is another reason to utilize a home security DVR system. Viewing of the time periods that have been recorded can be done via an internet link or downloaded onto a flash drive. This way a review can be done at the place chosen by the viewer at their convenience.

If you are deciding on a new security system for your home, investigate all the advantages of the new home security DVR systems available today on the market.