Household Appliances Decontamination Tricks


Chinese New Year approaching, every family must clean-up, and home appliances also can not ignore the part. As the use of the environment and their own static electricity and other reasons, the process of household electrical appliances in use is easily attached to dust, if improper methods when the dust will affect their life. Here, we introduce you to some common household appliances and related products, dust removal method.

TV or computer

TV or computer screen because of electrostatic adsorption of dust can easily affect the viewing of the results. Special anti-static sprays can be cleared; if there is no special anti-static spray, can also be compared with a soft cloth gently wipe the dust off the screen, then cotton ball dipped in alcohol to the screen center of a circle, clockwise from the inside wipe out rotation. When the alcohol evaporates, the electricity can be used.

Appliances PCB

Cut off power, opened the rear cover, top to bottom with a brush to gently sweep the dust of all components, and then clip a dip a little nipper alcohol tampons or gauze to wipe off the dust, to be cleared after all top to bottom with a hair dryer blowing cold air again. Some of the best high-end appliances for a professional cleaning circuit boards, otherwise easily lead to failure.


Number of appliances used for a period of time, head on will be covered with powder or dirt affecting the playback quality. This time can clamp the clip alcohol sponge and wipe can also be used cleaning agents, better.

Electric kettle, heat faster

Prolonged use of these products, heating element at the surface scale, affecting heating element life, and heating time. Descaling method is to use aqueous or acetic acid brush dipped in baking soda scrub, rinse with water after cleaning brush, to be dry for immediate use.


In ironing clothes, because the temperature is too high or improper operation, and often will clean the floor stained with dirt, influence the effect of ironing clothes. Decontamination method: a small amount of toothpaste on the stain coating after the Rub with a clean cotton cloth, dirt can be removed; iron preheated to 100 , electricity cut off the power, with a piece of cloth soaked with vinegar in the dirt surface repeatedly wiping several times, then rinse with water; iron preheated to 100 , power, cut off the power, in a stain with a small amount of soda powder coated, then wipe clean cloth back and forth, the dirt can be Clear; serious dirt floor, with a polishing cloth with polishing paste, can protect the plating.


Ventilator use for some time will be covered with oil, affect the fan’s rotation, is not conducive to exclude dust, it should be removed completely once every six months. First, disconnect the power plug when cleaning, remove the front cover, impeller, inlet gate window, with warm soda or special cleaning agents to remove oil, and then cloth. In the cleaning process, junction boxes and other objects taken to avoid stained water, impact of insulation degree.


Fan using a longer time, there will be a lot of cast metal rust protection, more difficult to remove, but if with a rag dipped in some washing powder and water, cast coated, and then dipped in talcum powder wipe some rust, very soon will be able to wipe off the rust.

Home Appliances Business, “substitution,” Reflects The Unspoken Rules Household Appliances


Recently, US

Air conditioning


Galanz air conditioning

Panasonic Air Conditioning,


Air conditioning,

LG Electronics

Other enterprises


CEOs or CEOs have changed hands, in no small waves off the industry. The author believes that the company behind household appliances in recent years reflects the philosophy and operation of the change of thoughts began to search for more efficient growth and sustainable development. It also reflects the existence of industries and enterprises in the unspoken rules.

Should be said that the personnel changes in the back, from two reasons: first, the normal corporate restructuring and staff development personnel. Like the U.S., the Panasonic adjustment is to better develop human resources potential and role playing staff. Second, the adjustment of business ideas and changes. As general manager of business owners, often play a leading role. Once the shift in business thinking, and stability by adjusting the operators can quickly promote the company’s new strategy and implementation. Like the LG, Glanz, TCL and other changes in corporate sales manager, is faced with business ideas to the adjustment.

In fact, China’s household electrical appliance enterprises in the long-term development, have always been self-oriented enterprises and develop human resources system. Whether


, TCL has already begun implementation of the global expansion of such enterprises, or beauty,


Galanz and other rapidly developing enterprise, both in-house staff formed an effective mechanism for training and turnover. Rapid development momentum in recent years

Home appliance chain



Electric many years ago, on the quite far-sighted to launch the “1200”


Works in the rapid development of home appliance chain accumulation of human resources. Therefore, in the appliance industry has always been the Whampoa Military Academy does not exist, nor Popular airborne, electrical appliances company CEOs more trust in their staff training. And their own talents in

Corporate Culture

Fusion, unspoken rules, internal management, has a big advantage. In this respect, foreign-funded enterprises are amazingly similar. Expand their participation in the Chinese market, the high-level and more directly from the headquarters presence. Although this is a period of time to promote the stable development of enterprises, but the acceptance of new ideas and thinking will have to step behind.

The other hand, household electrical appliance enterprises in the development process in recent years, has continued to adjust their thinking and strategy, but this adjustment tends to integrate the cost of personnel. At present, the appliance industry has been fast from the previous years into the slowly progressive radical, changes in the way of this growth have forced many companies to adjust to the business strategy, especially the development of support to rely on large-scale enterprises in this state is facing a balance scale and profit test. As leaders of various strategies, business or person in charge of the market faces many challenges and pressures. Because of poor operating performance due to the responsible persons not new to class, but in the development process created a vicious


, A slight discomfort on the substitutions, much worse. Idea of this operation gives one to blame, do not know to find an effective solution. Thus to the development of strategic and operational business continuity of ideas caused a lot of resistance.

Present context of global economic integration, the domestic market


Increasingly fierce, some potential exists in the industry rules have been unable to support and promote the sustainable development of enterprises, to face the greater the content and level of innovation. In this way, our appliance business to get long-term development.

Household Appliances Industry, Dealers Are What Kind Of Person? – Home Appliances, Home Appliances

Appliances last in the planned economy, mainly rely on traditional distribution channels of state-owned
Sell , A large state-owned supply and marketing network formed appliances sales channels. Since the late 80’s, coastal areas began to import through some illegal channels inward original home appliances, some of which go through the normal procedures in the post-sales through the traditional formal channels, while the rest are training horses since the first private home appliance dealers.

* Appliance dealer major components: 80 years? Mid-90s: Most of the original employees of state-owned units, in which supply and marketing cooperatives, delivery of five, mostly in department stores. In part by contract or take over the management of enterprise restructuring state-owned assets to private enterprises gradually; part of the original unit of procurement staff, because they have control over the information and gather a certain amount of money, began an independent distribution appliances; a small number of other public sector employees, according to * its own social relations, and with operating electric appliances.

90 — mid-late 90’s: This stage is a period of rapid development of household appliances, a large number of home appliances become the brightest stars on the market, there are home entertainment appliances

TV , DVD players and stereos, kitchen appliances living there gas range, water heater, electric rice praise, with the rapid expansion of household appliance market, dealers are also with the rapidly growing ranks up. This time to enter the ranks of home appliance dealers, in addition to some of the appliances

Service Practitioners, the original home appliance manufacturer sales staff, the majority do not have anything to do with the original appliances. A great piece appliance dealers at this stage is gradually forming, and formed its own market competitiveness and the main product structure.

90 — the late 21st century: With the appliance market matures, the threshold is pushed up into the upper end of the century, the beginning of this century, during this period as part of dealers into the appliance industry has a large cross many varieties of capital characteristics, the other one is a new strategy re-specialization

Service Small dealers, more serious polarization. Mainly by the large number of small distributors the original sales of home appliances manufacturers laid off employees or enterprises constituted, they or independent business, or attract investment joint venture, or with the original host company or unit of resources, to become a force in home appliances market. Large capital and more capital for local business, because changes in the traditional retail transformation franchisees; part of the scale for the local private capital, in consideration of the investment in a fixed area, but into the appliance industry sales.

* Appliance sales channel distribution pattern classification:
An agent and regional agent system: general to provincial municipalities, prefecture-level administrative divisions as a unit, exclusive products in the local market development, channel management,

Advertisement Advocacy and service work. Exclusive distribution cooperative system: general to ground level, county level or regional, county and city government units for the market segmentation, production company accredited personnel or the establishment of long-stay completely attached to the offices of manufacturing enterprises, branches carry out various types of auxiliary work, dealers responsible for logistics, fund flow and local assistance in the work.

Manufacturers to sell the company: production enterprises linked to the name of the actual contributors are distributors to the form of independent legal person, general manufacturing enterprises in the management and monitoring only, not to participate in the distribution of profits.

Regional exclusive distribution system, combined with the directly managed retail: manufacturers directly focused on the retail market, management and operation, including financial and logistics arrangements, as another sense, the retail dealer as well as a logistics and distribution within the jurisdiction centers and markets, products services exist.

Dealer system over the region: refers to producers in a certain range of options than the wholesale market, business agent and distributor of their products, improve the depth and breadth of distribution.

Large chain of super regional retail co-operation: a chain of large supermarkets and large-scale distributors or manufacturers of strategic cooperation, relying on the power of large chain sales ability to complete tasks and major sales distribution plan.