Household Appliances Decontamination Tricks

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Chinese New Year approaching, every family must clean-up, and home appliances also can not ignore the part. As the use of the environment and their own static electricity and other reasons, the process of household electrical appliances in use is easily attached to dust, if improper methods when the dust will affect their life. Here, we introduce you to some common household appliances and related products, dust removal method.

TV or computer

TV or computer screen because of electrostatic adsorption of dust can easily affect the viewing of the results. Special anti-static sprays can be cleared; if there is no special anti-static spray, can also be compared with a soft cloth gently wipe the dust off the screen, then cotton ball dipped in alcohol to the screen center of a circle, clockwise from the inside wipe out rotation. When the alcohol evaporates, the electricity can be used.

Appliances PCB

Cut off power, opened the rear cover, top to bottom with a brush to gently sweep the dust of all components, and then clip a dip a little nipper alcohol tampons or gauze to wipe off the dust, to be cleared after all top to bottom with a hair dryer blowing cold air again. Some of the best high-end appliances for a professional cleaning circuit boards, otherwise easily lead to failure.


Number of appliances used for a period of time, head on will be covered with powder or dirt affecting the playback quality. This time can clamp the clip alcohol sponge and wipe can also be used cleaning agents, better.

Electric kettle, heat faster

Prolonged use of these products, heating element at the surface scale, affecting heating element life, and heating time. Descaling method is to use aqueous or acetic acid brush dipped in baking soda scrub, rinse with water after cleaning brush, to be dry for immediate use.


In ironing clothes, because the temperature is too high or improper operation, and often will clean the floor stained with dirt, influence the effect of ironing clothes. Decontamination method: a small amount of toothpaste on the stain coating after the Rub with a clean cotton cloth, dirt can be removed; iron preheated to 100 , electricity cut off the power, with a piece of cloth soaked with vinegar in the dirt surface repeatedly wiping several times, then rinse with water; iron preheated to 100 , power, cut off the power, in a stain with a small amount of soda powder coated, then wipe clean cloth back and forth, the dirt can be Clear; serious dirt floor, with a polishing cloth with polishing paste, can protect the plating.


Ventilator use for some time will be covered with oil, affect the fan’s rotation, is not conducive to exclude dust, it should be removed completely once every six months. First, disconnect the power plug when cleaning, remove the front cover, impeller, inlet gate window, with warm soda or special cleaning agents to remove oil, and then cloth. In the cleaning process, junction boxes and other objects taken to avoid stained water, impact of insulation degree.


Fan using a longer time, there will be a lot of cast metal rust protection, more difficult to remove, but if with a rag dipped in some washing powder and water, cast coated, and then dipped in talcum powder wipe some rust, very soon will be able to wipe off the rust.