Reasons For Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Office

It is common sense that most people go for a certain service or product if they find it more useful than other similar available. It is all about better options. It is true for commercial cleaning services also. With the changing times, businesses have changed and so have the customer expectations. Now people expect more quality service, value added products. Keeping this in mind, we will be discussing how commercial cleaning services could benefit over other available options.

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand how commercial cleaning services are the better option when it comes to a clean and hygienic work place.

Better, faster Cleaning Services

Though faster is not always better, but in this particular case it actually is. Office premises vary in area and a single business could extend to more than one building and floors. What these companies excel in is the art of cleaning a premise comprehensively at a professional pace. That does not mean that just to do the jobs in standard predefined timings they would overlook the nooks and corners or do a less than thorough job. The manage it by using high tech cleaning equipment covering more area in lesser time, and by training their staff to make maximum use of their time and technology.

Competition among rival cleaning services

One good thing that has happened in the recent times is that due to the highly competitive prevailing market conditions the benefit of the resulting higher cleaning standards has gone in favor of the customer. Now you have the option of getting better quality services at highly competitive prices.

Use as you choose – Flexible working schedule

As an option against hiring your own cleaning crew, outsourcing such work to a professional service provider gives you the benefit of selecting your own cleaning frequency. Every organization has its own preference and requirement for getting the office premises cleaned. If you are a small or a medium sized business concern you may not require a daily cleaning and hence could go for a biweekly cleaning schedule or may if you feel once a week cleanup is good enough for you, you could make arrangements with the cleaning company for the cleaning work to be done like that.

After hours cleaning services

The biggest advantage of hiring a professional cleaning company is that you can have the work done after or before your office working time. What this means is that you get a clean work place less the hassles of your staff being disturbed during the work hours. However, you could arrange to have mixed services such as off time cleaning and minimal presence of the cleaning crew during work hours just to take care of the odd spill.

Value added services

Like any other business, some of these commercial cleaning services have added more diversity to their mainstream cleaning business. They are now offer value added services such as water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, sanitizing, and pest control and so on…

Building A Patio Cover

Having a cover for the patio is sure a precious addition to a home. It naturally shades the patio and it also serves to keep the home interior cool and nice by keeping the sunlight away from the nearby windows. At least two persons are needed to build one so the whole can get involved in the task. This will teach the family to build a patio cover when needed. Here is a simple procedure for building a patio cover.

First, four holes of at least 18 inches deep have to be dug out from corner to corner of the patio for the posts. The distance between the holes should be generally 12 inches or less. Approximately 3 inches of each hole have to be filled with compacted gravel. Frames have to be constructed for holding the post while the cement dries. They can be constructed from 2?x4? pieces of lumber and then screwed together. It has to be ensured that all frames are in level and they flush with one another before pouring the cement.

Lumber of 4?x4? pieces have to be used for forming the posts for the patio cover. The height of the posts can be decided as desired but usually most patio covers don’t exceed more than 1 storey and are generally 8 feet tall. One person has to hold the post upright in the anchoring hole while another would mix the quick drying cement and will pour it into the hole. It has to be ensured that the lumber is absolutely vertical with a level before proceeding towards the remaining 3 posts. Dirt can be put around the cement when it gets hardened for a more attractive appearance.

The support beams are very essential as one will learn in the process to know how to build a patio cover. 1?x12? lumber pieces are used for making this which are of the same length as the area covered by supported posts. One beam has to be attached to the roof line while the other has to be screwed to the support posts. 2 inch screws have to be used for this part of the project. Afterwards, the rafters are fashioned from 2?x4? lumber pieces that spans the distance between the two beams.

When this has been completed, the final part of the project is next which is installing the roof. Prefabricated aluminum, PVC, wood, heavy-duty corrugated plastic, or even metal screening is used for making the roof. It has to be nailed in place and a nice shaded place is ready for hanging out.

Various Ideas For Desert Landscaping

Desert landscaping is a unique way of making the most out of an area of your home that may be too arid. You might also just be inclined to having a desert outside in your yard. Desert landscaping is actually not as difficult as you might think. You will have to consider your region, if it is conducive to desert landscaping or if it is too chilly at times. The availability of some plants that are suitable for desert landscaping may also pose a problem for you.

Common Plants Used for Desert Landscaping

Cacti are among the more commonly found plants in the desert that can be grown for desert landscaping. There are many different varieties of cactus and they bear beautiful flowers. These are hardy plants that can go without water for several days and in fact, it is advised not to water them daily to avoid rotting.

Bougainvillea is another plant that you might want to consider for desert landscaping. It is actually a tropical plant that can grow almost anywhere in the world and does not need specific care or constant maintenance. This plant is often called a creeper because it can creep to anywhere if unchecked. It will develop a trunk if left to grow and mature and can be very hardy. It does not need daily watering but thrives well under the sun and will need to be trimmed regularly if you do not want it to grow too big for your desert landscaping purposes.

The Oleander is also one of the plants you can have for desert landscaping. It is a poisonous shrub so care must be taken when there are children or pets around. It usually has pink flowers or many different shades and is a perennial plant. You will need to regularly trim this plant in order to maintain the size and appearance that you want. These shrubs are great for hedges.

The Pampas grass is also one great for desert landscaping, not only because it looks particularly well but also because it gives your landscape a very natural look. It is not small like ordinary grass and can be as tall a several feet so you will need to trim it according to your preferences. Make sure you give it a lot of space to grow.

These are just a few recommendations of plants for desert landscaping. You might also want to go with what you think may look great in choosing plants for your desert landscape. Plants that are hardy and perennial are great for this type of landscape.